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Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis Inflammation of one or many joints is arthritis. Joint consists of articulating bones, articular cartilage, synovial fluid. When cartilage gets infected degeneration starts. Joint starts showing symptoms like pain, swelling, reduction in movement of the joint. Ayurvedic view- arthritis is disease of vat. Because of vat, degeneration of joint starts. Swelling, pain, reduction in movement, cracking sound in joint, stiffness these are some of the important symptoms. According to involvement of different doshas and dhauts and location there are many types of arthritis. Sandhivat, Aamvat, siragat vat, Koshthukshirsha, Avabahuk, Grudhrasi, these are some types of sandhivat. Ayurvedic Treatment- Ayurvedic treatment focus on eliminating the root cause of the ailment. With the help of some herbs, diet, panchakarma therapies, oil application, Hot fomentation, yog, and exercise. Once doshas are reduced dhatu gain strength, bones and cartilage becomes stronger, blood circulation improves, lubrication improves and joint become normal.
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