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Panchkarm Treatment is very important part of Ayurved. In simple words Panchkarm means detoxification of body with Ayurved therapies. Panchkarm helps to treat the disease as well as it helps to clean the body and detoxify it. Why our body needs detoxification- in daily life our body accumulates many toxins. If we don’t remove them timely body will get sic. For treatment of some diseases also detoxification is important. Snehan Swedan Basti Vaman Virechan Nasya Raktmokshan Shirodhara Katibasti Janubasti Hrudbasti Pind swed Pottali swed Netra Tarpan These are some of the important Panchkarm. Body constitution of Each Person is different so let your doctor decide Karm, Season, Duration, Intensity for you.
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