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Ayurvedic treatment for Acidity, indigestion, gas. INR 0

Ayurvedic treatment for Acidity, indigestion, gas.

Ayurvedic treatment for Acidity, indigestion, gas. Acidity, burning or pain in stomach, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, burps, weakness, feeling tired, burning or pain sensation in chest, indigestion, gas these are common symptoms of acid peptic disorder (ACIDITY). Giving antacid medicines is not enough to treat this ailment. If we want to cure this disease from its root then we need to understand root reasons of the disease. Stomach wall and digestive system weakness is one of the main reason for the disease. Sedentary lifestyle, improper sleep pattern, improper diet, lot of mental stress, some medicines these are some of reasons which weakens the stomach and digestive system and creates acidity like symptoms. Once digestive system becomes weak we need to strengthen it with proper ayurvedic medicinal or panchakarma treatment along with eliminating the cause of the disease. Cause of the disease may differ for every patient. Prakruti, age, work pattern, lifestyle eating habits family history is different for each patient that’s why treatment is also different for each patient.



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