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Constipation Ayurved Treatment

Constipation Ayurved treatment causes of constipation 1 absorption of more water from intestines 2 drinking less water 3 some medicines may cause constipation 4 indigestion 5 lac of intestinal muscle movement 6 lac of physical activity or exercise 7 lac of fibre in diet 8 use of habit forming laxatives Symptoms of constipation- Passing infrequent, hard and dry stool Abdominal pain, bloating, Feeling as if not passed stool complelty Complications of constipation- constipation may lead to rectal bleeding, piles, anal fissure, fistula, constipation may lead to onset of many diseases treatment- While treating constipation one should not focus only on laxative medication. Laxative medication may give some relief but it will not cure condition from its root. We should focus on improving strength and movement of intestinal muscles so that patient will not need to take laxatives for long time. We at dr. Jadhav’s Shree MadhavAamrut Ayurved clinic with the help of Ayurvrdic herbal medicines and panchakarma therapies achieve the goal very effectively.



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