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Colitis Ayurved treatment. INR 0

Colitis Ayurved treatment.

Colitis is very important disease of digestive system. Abdominal pain, cramps in abdomen, diarrhoea (loose motions), blood in stool, mucus in stool, acidity, weakness, dehydration, weight loss, these are common symptoms of colitis. Depending upon reason of the colitis symptoms also vary. Giving antibiotics and antacids may reduce the symptoms but is not enough for treating the chronic colitis from its root. To treat chronic colitis, we need to understand the reason. According to Ayurveda most important reason for chronic colitis is indigestion and accumulation of Aam (toxins). Due to chronic colitis intestinal muscles become weak and again disease aggravates. Ayurvedic treatment- To avoid reoccurrence and to treat from its root without any side-effect Ayurvedic treatment is very important. We at dr. Jadhav’s shree MadhavAmrut Ayurveda clinic first identify the reason of colitis. Then with the help of Ayurvedic herbal medicines, Panchakarma, diet modifications and exercise we treat chronic colitis very successfully.



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